Kiev disco and night clubs

Some people who has ever visited east Europe countries before are thinking that ex Soviet places are cold and boring and of course Kiev can be very cold in some months of the year but it's heart is always very hot (Kiev's nightlife especially). You can discover what we mean by visiting some of the places listed below.

Arena disco

Arena disco Kiev Arena is just more than a disco but it is the Disco in kiev and should be visited before to go back home. Located in the very centre of Kiev close to Bessarabski market, Arena city is a multi-level building where you can find night-club, casino, sport bar and beer house all-in-one.
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River Palace

River Palace Kiev's disco, casino, restaurant Located along the river in a nonfunctional boat, River Palace is a casino, restaurant and disco on a ship! The shows and quality are unsurpassed in Kiev. River Palace must be visited one at last simply because such a place does not exist in most countries. If you want to enjoy a night with your friends or If you have a client who needs to be impressed, this is the place. If he needs nighttime company this is the place too. Many great nights should be spent here. (Please keep in mind that if you see dozens of wonderful girls - not students - who are smiling to you it is not because you looks like Brad Pit . . . . . !)
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Caribbean Club

Kiev's disco Caribbean club Caribbean Club is the informal Latin American cultural center not only in Kiev, but in Ukraine also, in fact it is possible to become acquainted with musical, dancing culture of Latin America countries. Here it is possible to hear a lot of kinds of musical, such as Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Guanguanco and others. Listen to good Latin American music is not enough , dance teachers will teach you to dance with pleasure. Moreover Caribbean Club offers you a restaurant with Spain-Cuban cuisine, dishes will amaze you with refinement and democratic prices. Nobody will be left indifferent in front the shrimps and the avocado salad "the Temptation for a two ", the baked pork leg under mandarin sauce or bananas with apples in beer fried in hot fan under sauce "Lolita Cortes". Caribbean Club offers you the possibility to enjoy the traditional Spanish Paella with shrimps, the hen, mussels and sea crabs.
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Kiev Shooters disco Very well patronized and located in the centre of Kiev, Shooters is the right place where you can relax with friends and where you can listen to different sorts of music (depending on the week's day). Of course this nightspot is the right place to know or meet young ukrainian people very active in the modern Kiev's community (why not, pretty girls too). Shuooters also provide a nice restaurant so you can stay in the same place for the dinner and for disco without the need to go around Kiev with taxi or underground.
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