About Kiev, Ukraine

The year 1991 was a turning point in the history of Kyiy and of all Ukraine. After the unsuccessful hardline coup in Moscow, the Verkhovnaya Rada of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic adopted the act of indipendence of Ukraine, after which this city was transformed from the servant of an allied country into the capital of a sovereign European state.
Since the indipendence many changes occured in the city and for the city of Kiev and many other are in progress. Tha capital of Ukraine is coming out as one of the most important destination for tourism as well as for international business. Kiev offers you incomparable architecture, tens of museums, original restaurants with international cuisine, intimate cafes (especially near Dnepro river and in the quarter of Podol), exciting and endless nightlife and much more. All seasons are just perfect to discover the Kiev's wonders (one trip is not enough) and our apartments for rent are your definitive and exclusive solution for your stay in Ukraine.

Kiev's monuments

Kiev is considered to be one of the oldest cities in Europe, what is proved by the great quantity of invaluable historical monuments (more than 2000), dating back to 10th 11th centuries and preserved for the descendants. Listed in Kiev's monuments page you can find the most famous.

Kiev's disco and night clubs

The number of great and original discos, pubs, night clubs and restaurant is growing up month by month and it is not a rare situation to turn one of the Ukraine capital centre corner and discover a new place that wasn't there in your previous Kiev's trip. The Ukrainian people are very friendly and outgoing and Kiev's nightlife reflects this attitude. Following the links you can discover the most famous entertaiments the city is offering you such as Arena disco, Shooters, River Palace and Caribbean club.